Vermont Alliance for Intelligent Drug Laws

Our Mission:
VALID exists to encourage dialogue, educate and advocate for safe, effective drug laws in Vermont. To that end, we support a public health approach grounded in evidence-based research and best practice. 

VALID is a statewide citizen based advocacy organization that brings Vermonters together to examine our state’s current drug laws and policies. We do this by engaging in respectful, meaningful dialogue with one another, lawmakers and policymakers; being a voice for public opinion; challenging the status quo and envisioning a new approach – one that values a shift in state funding away from punishment and incarceration to individual responsibility, treatment and compassion, when appropriate.

VALID members recognize that our current criminal justice approach to drug policy is not working and that evidence-based alternatives exist. VALID offers a forum for Vermonters from every corner of the state to discuss what’s working—and what’s not - and promotes intelligent, common sense, effective drug policies and laws.





Contact VALID: PO Box 709 Montpelier, Vermont 05601 | 802-279-2486 |  email: [email protected]