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Did you know? Under current Vermont law, an adult's first offense for simple possession of a small amount of marijuana can lead to (up to) 6 months in jail and a fine of up to $500 - and the charge is a misdemeanor. The second offense can lead to (up to) 2 years in jail with a $2,000 fine€”and is a felony. In addition, a person arrested for possessing even a small amount of marijuana can end up with a criminal record€” a black mark on his or her record that lingers long after the minor offense, and jeopardizes the person's ability to obtain jobs, housing, and school loans.

In recent years, many Vermonters were arrested for simple possession of marijuana. Vermont spends a substantial amount of resources annually on law enforcement for low-level marijuana possession arrests. The Vermont state budget is in crisis and law enforcement funds dedicated to the pursuit of criminals like sex offenders are under-funded. If you would like to stop criminalizing otherwise law-abiding Vermonters please read and sign the petition below.  

Petition Statement:

€śVermont lawmakers should replace criminal penalties for adult possession of small amounts of marijuana with a civil fine. A portion of collected fines should be used to support drug awareness programs. Minors caught with a small amount of marijuana should have their parents or guardians notified, be issued a $100 civil fine and be required to attend a drug awareness program.€ť  

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